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Trying to Sell Your House to Prevent a Foreclosure

Trying to Sell Your House to Prevent a Foreclosure?
If your are having a hard time selling your house, Restructure Your House Payment

Who else wants to know how the foreclosure problem is hurting them from selling their home?

HomeSolutionsGroupinc.com is known in the North Carolina area as a premier home buyer in Raleigh. Durham and the Wilmington area. Being involved in hundreds of home purchases and rehabs, we have the experience to help anyone who needs to sell their house fast. If you are trying to Sell your home in North Carolina, visit our website for more tips on how to sell your house fast or prevent foreclosure!

People around the world cheered the Obama Administration’s anti-foreclosure plan because they believed this plan would stop the amount of houses going into foreclosure, thus reducing the amount of inventory and steep drop in housing prices. Those same people are now beginning to wonder if they cheered too loudly since this plan that offers up to 75 billion in incentives to lenders to reduce loan payments is getting off the ground a little too slowly. In addition, with the rising unemployment, a new wave of foreclosures is surfacing all around us, creating more inventory.

Since March, when the plan went into effect, some 100,000 homeowners have been offered a modification, according to the Treasury Department, though there is no reporting to show the actual amount that have been accepted.

To try to prevent up to four million foreclosures, we are going to need to increase the amount of modifications and fast! The Mortgage Bankers Association reported last week that in the first three months of the year about 5.4 million mortgages were delinquent or in a form of foreclosure. As more people lose their jobs, there will be more demand for loan modifications to restructure the debt. Is it possible to restructure every loan that is in trouble? If not, who will be the lucky ones that get that very special break? Is it your family?

What does this have to do with you trying to sell your home? Even if you can restructure your house payment to buy you time to sell your house, most sellers are already too deep in the debt pool. They have already gone through all of their savings, maxed out all of their credit cards, borrowed from relatives and still can’t make ends meet. When they put the house on the market, it is overpriced because they owe more debt than the sale of the house will pay off. The overpriced house is now competing with banks that can don’t want all of these foreclosures, and price them to sell fast. How can you compete with a foreclosed property? You really can’t compete, so the step to climbing out of this mess is to be honest. If your situation is not as bad as the above mentioned, do not wait to get top dollar for your house. Take the steps now to see what you can get for it. Go to HomeSolutionsGroup,Inc.com and see what we would pay for it. You are still in the driver’s seat and do not have to accept an offer from us.

Most people think investors will not give them anything for it. If you have seen the kind of offers I get on my totally renovated properties, you would know that no one is offering you what you want because they don’t have too. There are thousands of desperate sellers on the market and buyers know this to be true. If you have all of the facts, and are ready to take the risk, you can wait out this economic downturn. But, ask yourself this….why would millions of people be in some stage of foreclosure? Were all of these people stupid? Took out bad loans? Bought too much house? I believe a lot of people were hardworking, honest people that experienced some mishap not based on their own doing. Was it a medical problem? Was it a job loss? Did they get behind due to a divorce? Any type of personal problem combined with the abundance of current houses on the market, new foreclosures, job losses, and lack of financing for buyers make this the perfect storm. Do you want to be caught in it without your umbrella?

Be prepared..go to HomeSolutionsGroup,Inc  to see if we can help. We offer free articles that may help give you tips on selling, even if you don’t want to sell to an investor : )

www.homesolutionsgroupinc.com is now buying houses fast in and around the following locations: Carolina Beach | Kure Beach | Wrightsville | Beach Bayshore | Castle Hayne | Hightsville | Kings Grant | Kirkland | Masonboro | Murraysville | Myrtle Grove | Ogden | Sea Breeze | Seagate | Silver Lake | Skippers Corner | Wrightsboro and other areas of North Carolina.

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