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How Do You Sell Your House Fast?

How Do You Sell Your House Fast?

The first thing is to know what your house is worth. If you price it too high, people will think you are unreasonable. If you price it too low, people will think there is something wrong with it. You can work with an agent or look on your real estate tax site to get an idea of where to price it. Depending on how quick you need to sell it, should help you figure out where to price it. There may be other factors involved in pricing it right, so don't be surprised if it takes some research to figure out the best price.

Know the true cost of selling a house-There are many associated costs with selling a house. You will have to have it advertised, so if you are selling it yourself, please allow a few hundred dollars to advertise it. Allow room to pay a commission if an agent brings you a buyer. You will probably be responsible for closing costs, including attorney and other professional fees, and excise taxes on the sale.There may be property taxes and any homeowner association fees. You may need to fix items that show up on an inspection report.

Get an inspection report so you know what you will have to fix. This also helps you not lose your buyer due to a big, bad, scary report.

Try to keep your house in showing condition. Remove personal items like toothbrushes, combs, and pet food. Take out the trash. Do not cook foods with spice the whole time it is on the market.

Make sure your house has curb appeal. Do not leave dead plants around. Mow the yard, and edge the property line.

Do not get offended by offers and be flexible. People, who can buy, are hard to come by due to the financing problems with banks. Buyers who are willing to buy, and can buy, want to low ball to get the best deal out there. Don't take it personally! Just bite your tongue and start the negotiating process. Remember, there is a reason you want to sell, so do not let your pride ruin the sale.

Be accommodating to buyers. It really is a bummer to keep your house in tip top shape all of the time, but to sell it you have to be one of the best. It is also important to make it easy for people to see it. If you don't show the house when the buyer wants to see it, you may lose them to your competitor. I never turn on my burglar alarm because if an agent has a buyer, they won't want to risk setting it off and won't show the property.

Make buyers an offer to purchase your home. I know, sounds crazy, but I have done it on my last two properties for sale and it works like a charm. In both cases, the people came back and we went back and forth awhile, but made the deals work. Some say this screams desperation, but remember, you have the upper hand. Whatever they counter, you can counter back. You don't have to accept their offer, just keep trying to meet in the middle. This act makes people get off the fence and really consider the offer because now they know you are motivated. This market has so much inventory and deals, that people have no sense of urgency. You must kick them right off the fence and get them to pull the trigger. It is a numbers game, so even if you make ten offers to ten different people, keep doing it. The more action you take, the luckier you get! You will need to give some kind of concession, like a price drop, or closing costs to get them to hear you out. This works great if they are undecided between your house and a competitor.

Taking these steps will help ensure your property sells faster than not taking these steps. It is up to you, you can increase your chances of a sale in this market or not.

The other option is to contact a local "we buy house" company like www.homesolutionsgroupinc.com to see what they would offer you for your house. You are still in the driver's seat and do not have to take it. Like everyone else, they will want a discount on the house. The advantage is that if they are a full time house buyer, they should be able to get the cash quicker and easier than a homeowner. Your repairs are not going to scare them off and they would probably buy it in as-is condition. This saves you the time, headache and expenses of dealing with contractors.

You also don't have to be on guard at all times of the day to show the house. I love the fact that I can leave all of my personal items out, not make my bed, or hide my pet's food dishes if an investor is looking at it because they have the vision to see beyond these items when most buyers do not. Buyers can buy brand new for less than an older home, and with the incentives the builders offer, that is what is happening! So either be the best or sell to an "we buy houses" company. For a free estimate, complete the questionnaire below!

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